Black Mediterranean


After a few disparate blog posts I decided to report more systematically on what Heather Merrill, in a different setting, calls Italy’s black places. Amongst others, she refers to the shelters, abandoned buildings, ghettos, and other locations occupied by people from African descent but whom, by virtue of their asylum status and association with African territories, are rendered non-citizens – even though they are an integral part of European societies and the economies that sustain them.


MIC1I have chosen to categorise these posts under the term ‘Black Mediterranean‘ -also because of the rising interest in this term as of lately. Inspired by the work of Paul Gilroy on the Black Atlantic, amongst others, these posts simultaneously try to reveal the “middle passage“, or rather the liminal condition of Black Africans in the Mediterranean, while simultaneously contemplating the countermodern cultures that sprout from their presence in this political and cultural borderland.


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