Working the Black Mediterranean

This somewhat longer post involves a reflection on a number of meetings I’ve had over the last months with African refugees in the city of Bologna, while preparing research on migrant labour and urban marginality. Though these meetings took shape … Continue reading

The Racial Geography of the Black Mediterranean

The Black Mediterranean has recently started to surface as a terminology to describe the cultural crossroads between Africa and Europe. It indicates the emergence of a vibrant cultural borderland characterized by growing proximity between African and European cultures in the … Continue reading

Follow the Tomato!

Following my earlier post on the racial geography of the Black Mediterranean, colleagues keep pointing me at North-South connections in agri-food commodity chains, particularly with regard to tomatoes. My colleague Christian Berndt, for example, has written this wonderful comparison between the … Continue reading


2020-2024: Frontier Settlements – Territories of artisan mining labour in Africa This research project reveals how the extraction of the world’s underground resources territorializes through artisan mining labour. It is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and co-hosted by the … Continue reading