Out of the Ghetto

Two documentaries just came out on the slavery-like conditions of migrant labourers in South Italy’s agricultural sector. Watch out for screenings of ‘La Belleville‘ and ‘Destination de Dieu‘ at https://www.facebook.com/labellevilledoc (facebook) and @LaBellevilleDoc (twitter) https://it-it.facebook.com/pages/Destination-de-dieu/1487329524813007 (facebook)


My article titled ‘Naturalising ‘Black Spaces’ in the Mediterranean: Towards a Political Ecology of Bordering Infrastructures‘ has now been published online by Geopolitics. I am especially happy about the outcome for two reasons: (1) the article allows me to propose … Continue reading

Appointments with ‘legality’: Italy’s slums

Another tragedy has affected African labourers in Italy’s plains this month. On 6 March, bulldozers demolished the San Ferdinando workers’ ghetto, located in the centre of Calabria’s orange plantations and Calabria’s Ndrangheta organized crime stronghold. The ghetto, which has claimed the lives of … Continue reading